Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Others...Budds Creek.

One hundred percent chance of rain. Budds Creek became Mudds Creek as the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Series rolled in to Maryland, along with the thunder and lightning. 


They always say mud is the greatest equalizer and that proved true for Cycle Trader/Rock River rider Alex Martin. Martin would pass his brother Jeremy with just corners left in moto 1 for the win. His 1-7 scores would be good enough for 2nd overall. Marvin Musquin did just the opposite going 7-1 for the overall and Zach Osborne would take the final spot on the podium. 

The 450 class offered just as much excitement. Moto 1 winner Ryan Dungey was on cruise control as Christophe Pourcel, Blake Baggett and Justin Barcia put on their own show dicing with each other and making their way towards the front. They would all work past Ken Roczen, who would go on to a 5 place moto finish. After a delay for rain and tornado warnings, the 450 class would get their 2nd moto. Moto 2 and the overall would go to Justin Barcia. Pourcel and Baggett would put solid rides again and respectively round out the podium.


This week my standout rider is Tony Archer. The number 285 Kawasaki had a 1st moto that would rather be forgotten. After multiple crashes and having to pull out of the moto for 40th on the scorecard. Moto 2 would be one to remember. Archer grabbed a good start and put in a solid ride to an 8th place finish. The mayhem of mud would make his results good enough for 13th overall. Hell of a ride Tony!

Also a congrats to Gared Steinke, who once again put a 125 two stroke in to the show in the 250 class.

And now...The Others.

20. 80 RJ Hampshire
21. 343 Luke Renzland
22. 62 Anthony Rodriguez
23. 88 Dakota Alix
24. 450 Hayden Mellross
25. 74 Zack Williams
26. 273 Conner Elliott
27. 987 Matthew Babbitt 
28. 927 Jamal Porter
29. 397 Brandon Scharer
30. 726 Gared Steinke
31. 279 Seth Ciccarelli
32. 689 Keith Tucker
33. 659 Justin Freund
34. 376 Chris Canning
35. 791 Dillon Finley
36. 947 Daniel Netti
37. 350 Roland Beck Jr.
38. 78 Preston Mull
39. 367 Hunter Sayles
40. 509 Alex Nagy

20. 253 John Short
21. 69 Ronnie Stewart
22. 348 Jason Brooks
23. 84 Jesse Wentland
24. 181 Dustin Pipes
25. 309 Jeremy Smith
26. 224 Heath Harrison
27. 576 Nathan Winegar
28. 566 Carson Tickle 
29. 993 Austin Wagner
30. 265 Nick Fratz-Orr
31. 838 Larry McVay
32. 431 Travis Marsh
33. 152 Sean Hackley Jr.
34. 131 Noah McConahy
35. 244 Ryan Zimmer
36. 975 Jake Loberg
37. 731 Steve Roman
38. 456 Jacob Grove
39. 578 Dakota Yohe
40. 11 Kyle Chisholm

Next up is the fireworks of Red Bud in Buchanan, Michigan. Hate to say it this early, but rain rain is in the forecast. See you there!

-Kyle Pesci

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