Wednesday, June 3, 2015


I'm a huge sports fan in general. Baseball is my go to sport if I can't find anything moto on TV. Hell, I'm from Detroit. We are a sports city. I watch SportsCenter every morning.

Recently there has been some buzz about Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen. At the end of a game he went to a kid in the front row and gave the fan a game used batting glove. A moment for a kid, he'll never forget.

This got me thinking how this big deal though, is a normal occurrence at a motocross race. It's not uncommon to see kids walking around the pits with not only autograph posters, but race day jerseys and even the plastics right off the bikes. 

Photo: Nathan Smith

Kids and adults alike will wait for hours to get a glimpse of their favorite rider. Getting a souvenir from a racer can make that wait well worth it. It's really awesome to see that every guy in the pro pits is treated like some little kids hero! It doesn't matter if they are yelling for Ryan Dungey's jersey or a privateers googles.

Photo: Jarett Pesci

Moto guys are above and beyond when it comes to sportsmanship. I've personally seen James Stewart sign autographs for hours at the end of a long day, Travis Pastrana hobble down his motor home steps on crutches to meet a kid who just wanted a video signed. This past supercross season Ryan Zimmer gave a helmet to a young fan. Then there's the respect towards one another, remember Mike McDade picking up Wil Hahn's bike. 

Photo: Ryan Zimmer

If you want to see sportsmanship, walk around the pits of a professional motocross race. These guys are class acts. Nothing new to us.

-Kyle Pesci

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