Monday, June 8, 2015

Fresno Smarts...Dustin Pipes.

What comes after motocross? In a sport that is action packed and physically draining, even the best of motocross careers only last in to a racers mid 30s. 

Many riders will begin homeschooling and pass on college directly after high school for a chance at a career in professional motocross. Taking advantage of your youth is to your favor when looking for success on the bike.

For a 24 year old guy from Fresno, California there are many things Dustin Pipes enjoys in life. He's normally not to far from a basketball or beating up on his buddies Tim and Chase at the video game FIFA. 

Photo: Michael Flavell

Pipes has been making a name for himself in the sport by making his number 181 Suzuki a constant threat for supercross mains and being on the main gate for 3 of the 4 outdoor rounds so far this season. "I want to score as many points as possible, so my national number is as low as possible." Seems like he's on track to be a double digit guy!

"Being able to sit on the line and feel like you belong and have the confidence to go out there and ride to your potential is a struggle." Pipes admits that bad starts have been a weak point, but he might just make that up in the whoops. Very humble about his racing and working extremely hard to excel in racing Pipes does belong.

Photo: Pipes IG

The sport has it's perks and of corse some things that come with the business are just down right horrible, like airports! Perks, Pipes spent a few days at the Stewart compound practicing supercross, maybe every riders dream. "It was definitely an experience I'll never forget." Nothing compares to the fans though. "You get a chance to travel the world and meet a ton of cool people." A sport that allows unparalleled fan interaction is something Pipes really enjoys. He encourages fans to "not be hesitant and come say what up."

Pipes is not only making the grade on the track, but he puts in work in the classroom as well. Between his crazy schedule, he manages to fit in schooling at Fresno State University. Pipes is majoring in finance and business law. If a factory ride doesn't pan out, this seems like a solid back up plan to me.

As for now Pipes is doing what he loves. He's surrounded by good people and sponsors.

Supported this season by,, Fly Racing, Suzuki Cycles, Motorcycle Superstore, Race Tech, Reckluse, EKS Brand Goggles, Carl Nelson Insurance, Dunlop, Yoshimura, DT1, ODI, Works Connection, Alpinestars, VP Racing, Bolt, Acerbis, Guts Factory Seats, Snuffy Racing, Boyce Excavating,, Vortex and Madera Suzuki.

He'd also like to give a special thanks to Gary Peterson, The Silveria family, Rydane Dixon and Patrick Kutzer.

Photo: Pipes IG

Currently battling an ankle injury may have Pipes miss a few rounds this summer, but keep a eye on the 181. Dustin Pipes is as good as they come.

Follow Dustin on Instagram @dpipes_181

-Kyle Pesci


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