Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Blessed...Noah McConahy.

Ever since I've started this whole blog thing, the guys under the K1 Speed/BWR Engines/SSi Decals tent have been huge supporters of what I'm doing. I have to admit it's awesome seeing their success, most of them with my logo on their visors. 

Brian and Kyle White run the team and had success putting riders in to the mains of supercross. As the series switched outdoors they'd pick up a guy who has them looking at top 20 finishes in the 450 class. Noah McConahy has put his number 131 Honda on the gate for every moto so far this season and is coming off of a 21st in moto 2 at High Point.

Photo: Patti Bovee 

Like most Noah started riding at a young age, just 3 years old. The now 21 year old from Spokane, Washington has been racing professionally for 3 years and is now focused on being a double digit guy. He says he is "one of those privateers waiting for his opportunity."

Noah has always looked up to his brother Nick and wanted to be just like him growing up. A point came in life where Noah quit racing for about 2 years and it'd be Nick along with friend John Mitchell who'd help get Noah back to racing. "If it weren't for either of them, I wouldn't be riding." Something that he will always remain grateful for.

With a strong faith in god and a great family by his side, Noah is motivated. "I feel like god gave me a talent to ride a dirt bike, so I'm going to do whatever it takes to use it and enjoy it while I can." Truly grateful for the support he gets from his grandparents who watch the races every weekend and always offer a helping hand. "I'm blessed to have such an awesome family."

Noah has won the privateer award from the Southern Maryland Dirt Riders (SMDR) at Budds Creek and recorded a 14th in 2014 at Miller Motorsport Park. He's shown flashes of what he's capable of but says his struggle is confidence on the gate, which hurts his starts. He loves moto. "There's nothing more fun than two 30's on a rough and rutted track."

Support will build that confidence and increase results. Noah surrounds himself with family, his friends Alex Ray, Vince Friese and Robbie Feder as well as a strong list of sponsors. The K1 Speed /BWR Engines/SSi Decals rider is also helped by Race Tech Suspension, Rekluse Clutches, Yoshimura, Dunlop, Fox, Novik Gloves, 100%, Motostuff, Relax Attire, Dubya USA, Gee Automotive, Allsport Honda/Polaris, Perfect Edge Lawncare, Works Connection and Anti-Gravity Dirt.

Photo: Brice Klippel

"I couldn't be any happier! The bikes are amazing and the whole team atmosphere feels like one big happy family. I have tremendous respect for Brian and Kyle, the program they've been able to build. Plus go karts at K1 Speed are the greatest thing ever!"

Watch for the 131. Follow him on Instagram @noahmcconahy

...and don't ask him why he trains so hard if you just think moto guys just sit on a seat and putt around. It annoys the shit out of him! 

Photo: Patti Bovee (note the dry erase board)

-Kyle Pesci

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