Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Others...Las Vegas.

Supercross is over. The 2015 season concluded in Las Vegas at Sam Boyd Stadium. The city had an eventful weekend with Mayweather vs. Pacquiao and the Arenacross finals. I watched the fight and guarantee the racing was more exciting.

Photo: Dave Prater

This race is a fairly normal round to the 450 class guys, but in the 250 class the qualifying is split to the 20 fastest east coast and west coast guys who run their race separate for a chance to race the Dave Coombs Sr. Shootout. 

The 450 class had an early battle between Dungey and Tomac with Dungey getting the best of the battle. Weston Peick would take the last step of the podium. The 250 class had great racing in the heats, but a run away by Marvin Musquin in the shootout. The 250 class also gave us a chance to see Vicki Golden in her first ever night show. That's right, HER! For the first time in history, a woman made a supercross night show. Congrats Vicki.

This week a HUGE congrats goes out to two guys who have been very supportive of what I do, and made the best out of the last stop on the series. Michael Akaydin made his first ever 450 main event. Beni Williams has had a rough year. With just a few weeks now on a new bike and the help of some new sponsors, Beni made it in to the top 20 west coast riders. Last season he missed this race by one spot. Congrats to you two! 

Photo: Brittany Correia 

And now, The Others.

5. 57 Jackson Richardson
6. 148 Trevor Reis
7. 275 Johnny Jelderda
8. 360 Aaron Siminoe
9. 397 Brandon Scharer 
10. 395 Taylor Potter
11. 820 Dalton Oxborrow 
12. 592 Zack Gurley
13. 193 Beni Williams
14. 611 Don Alford
15. 522 Cole Zitterkopf
16. 423 Vicki Golden
17. 523 Miles Daniele
18. 733 Steven Mages
19. 776 Brett Hottel
20. 217 Ryan Breece
21. 37 Joey Savatgy
22. 66 Chris Alldredge

5. 291 Kyle White
6. 131 Noah Mcconahy 
7. 393 Daniel Herrlein 
8. 643 Jake Oswald
9. 91 Chris Howell
10. 542 Johnnie Buller
11. 512 Andrew Silverstein
12. 883 Dylan Lemburg 
13. 129 Todd Bannister
14. 252 Kevin Weisbruch 
15. 187 Dylan Bauer
16. 601 Billy Carpenter
17. 608 David Pulley
18. 509 Alex Nagy
19. 713 Chad Cook
20. 314 Alex Ray
21. 282 Bubba Pauli
22. 211 Tevin Tapia

On to the outdoors! Bring on summer.

-Kyle Pesci

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