Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Eleven + Fore... Chisholm and Fowler.

Could golf benefit motocross? In a day and age where the sport is looking for ways to entertain sponsorship opportunities and riders struggle with finances, it is sponsors from outside the industry that could really make or break a privateers race program.

Kyle Chisholm is one of those riders who has taken on a new role as a racer and looking out for the business side of his program. The number 11 has been on multiple teams of different support levels, but this season TEAM CHIZ was in the pits as a privateer and making his sponsors proud with strong finishes.

Photo: Diffysmooth 

As privateers improve on their goals week by week, from making night shows to main events. Kyle impressed this season as he became a top 10 threat in the 450 class and recorded an 8th place finish at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

Racing at this high level is not easy nor cheap. Bike upkeep and parts can be handled by industry sponsors. Things like travel, fuel, food and a place to sleep can drain a pocket book in just a few rounds.

With a long motocross background and friends of all riding disciplines, enter Kyle's good friend Rickie Fowler. Yes, PGA Players Champion, Golfer Rickie Fowler. "I'm lucky enough to be in a position where I can help him keep moving forward with his dream."

Photo: Rickie Fowler

Rickie began riding when he was 3 years old and grew up riding local tracks in Southern California and going to the desert. "When I used to ride a lot we had a fun Wednesday crew." The crew consisted of Rickie along with friends Michael Lapaglia, Travis Baker, Tyler Keefe and Weston Pieck. As Rickie's golf career took off, his riding became less. He still had the itch and took up bicycle dirt jumping where he'd spend time with buddies Ronnie and Nate Renner as well as Cole Seely. 

Photo: Rickie Fowler

Dirt and two wheels are in Rickie's blood. As he focuses on his golf game, he still finds time to make it to one or two races a year and catches the rest on TV. He thinks his involvement as a sponsor could help progress the sport and draw outside attention. "The more exposure the better." Rickie says we could definitely see himself more involved in the sport. "It's something I look forward to being able to do more after I have the career I want to have in golf."

"Being a privateer puts everything on to your own plate. It's amazing how much goes in to being able to compete at the highest level." Although golf and moto are very different, Rickie credits his moto background for the golfer he has turned into. Just like sizing up a jump, he thinks the longer you think about it, the worse it gets. "Make your choice and send it!"

Photo: Rickie Fowler

I see a lot of attention brought to golf because of Rickie Fowler. His flat bill hats and easy going, risk taking style. His name, popularity and love for motocross could only help the sport.

Look for RickieFowler.com on the number 11 of Kyle Chisholm.

Photo: Diffysmooth 

Kyle is sponsored by Westfall Auto, Chaparral Auto Transport, Oneal, Sidi, Pro Taper, FMF, HJC, Two Two Motorsports, Dunlop, Rekluse, Action Sports Canopies, TiLube, Twin air, Dubya, Ohlins USA, Matrix, RickieFowler.com and more. 

Follow Kyle on Instagram @kylechisholm11

Follow Rickie on Instagram @therealrickiefowler


If you'd like to support Kyle in any way he does have a PayPal account at kylechisholm11@yahoo.com

Cheer for the number 11 and keep an eye out for Rickie Fowler while watching golf. 

-Kyle Pesci

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