Thursday, April 30, 2015

Support System...Ronnie Stewart.

"Supercross is the best sport on Earth." Something along those lines, comes from almost every rider I talk with. A sport where a rider spends an entire season raising the bar on their goals. A dream for most privateers is making a main event in supercross.

Ronnie Stewart is a rider who has consistently turned those dreams to reality, as his 2014 season earned him national number 69 for 2015. "Number 69 is my first ever national number so it's awesome, and kind of funny." 

Photo: Michael Flavell

Ronnie had been pitting out of a small fun mover along with his teammate Robert Lind on the DirtCandy Graphics,, Fugoo, Hellbound Racing, ISC Racers Tape, NeverSummer Industries, Pirelli, Bel Ray, SPY, 6D Helmets, Galfer USA, KSR Wheels and SKVI Team. Although, Ronnie will be taking a new approach come the outdoor nationals with some sponsor changes.

Photo: KCMX

The success of Ronnie has gained him not only fans, but the ability to give back to his sponsors. "I have a wonderful support group." Being surrounded by his girlfriend Brooke, parents, two sisters and many friends that are all motivating to what he does helps drive Ronnie to being an overachiever and wanting to learn from every experience. Ronnie is just enjoying this crazy world we live in. 

If you attended or watched as supercross took over MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, you noticed the sea of yellow in support of number 69. Ronnie was born just 15 minutes from the stadium and this race is a true homecoming. Ronnie's friends, family and fans accounted for over 300 tickets in one section. Signs and cheers were seen on TV as the race broadcast live across the country and I'm sure were heard all through Jersey as Ronnie Stewart put the number 69 in to the main event of the premier 450 class. 

Now in his 6th season as a professional, Ronnie takes the privateer style in stride and has progressed with his riding as well as his team. Hard work has shown flashes of greatness. In 2012 he'd score an 11th place moto at Spring Creek. 2014 he recorded a 14th at the MetLife SX and a 15th place moto 1 at Red Bud. He says the biggest struggles consist of equipment upkeep, travel and recovery time.

Photo: Michael Flavell

"Every privateer has an opportunity to do what they love, even if they don't have the resources to succeed to their fullest potential."

When I asked Ronnie about the feeling of getting in to a main, he replied "it's what most people would expect it to be, the best feeling." "I spent years trying and not making it, so it's extra special to me." Doing it in front of all your friends and family has to be something surreal. 

Ronnie Stewart is a sign of what comes out of hard work and a great personality. 

Follow Ronnie on Instagram @r.stewart69

-Kyle Pesci

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