Friday, April 3, 2015

Proud...Brice Klippel.

A grandfather with the love of motocross, could have no idea the effect his passion for the sport would carry for generations to come. 

Roy Lovelace's 6 year old grandchild was playing baseball on a little league team. Now we have heard the term, picking daisies, but when Roy's son in law went out to second base to check on his own child, he looked down to find a supercross track built in the dirt by the hands of his son, Brice Klippel.

Photo: Diffysmooth

Brice had motocross in his blood. His Uncle Steve Lovelace was a top amateur in the mid 1980's. Taking all the information that he had given to Steve, Brice's grandfather taught him the love of the sport. Brice would go on to amateur success of his own, with top finishes at the Loretta Lynn's Amateur National and continue in to Amsoil Arenacross.

Now in his sophomore year of AMA Supercross, the 19 year old from Bradford, Tennessee looks to make a name in the pro ranks. 

Photo: Diffysmooth 

Being a privateer is a constant struggle of dealing with your own mechanical issues and on most occasions, being your own mechanic. Maintaining your health and keeping your finances can add to the stresses. 

"Confidence building at this level can be difficult with the extreme talent that surrounds you." Brice uses his never give up attitude to improve at every race. Working hard to quickly make adjustments and adapt to different tracks week after week. Although he is taking steps, it is still a main event where he has his eyes set. 

As the season goes on, some riders misfortunes can open doors to others. After Daytona, Brice was offered to ride for the K1 Speed/BWR team on their 250 as an injury sidelined Brady Kiesel. Taking advantage of the help, atmosphere and sponsors of his new ride, Brice has been on the bubble of making his first main event. He recorded a 6th in the LCQ at Detroit. 

Brice is very grateful for every opportunity. He has good morals and truly cares about people. One of those people is Tad Hathaway. Tad helped Brice the last 2 years along with Team Gus. 

Currently sponsored by K1 Speed, BWR, SSI Decals, PRL, Vertex, HotCams, Rekluse Clutches, Mika Metals, Yoshimura, Anklesavers, HotShot MX, Alias, EKS Brand, Works Connection, and Byrd Training Facility. 

Brice would also like to thank his parents, his girlfriend Alivia and her family, The Vonlinger Family, Alex Ray and Bryan McDonald.

"It's one of the toughest mental and physical sports there is, I just love this sport. The adrenalin and people I work with."

Brice Klippel, the 914 machine is making your grandfather proud. 

Photo: Diffysmooth

Follow Brice on Instagram @BKLIPPEL914

-Kyle Pesci 

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