Sunday, April 12, 2015

Lesson learned...Jeff Alessi.

Every single person makes mistakes. Some mistakes are bigger than others or have worse consequences. They can effect just you, your loved ones or even your career. It's what you take out of those mistakes. Can you apply what you've learned from the bad? Can you earn back love, trust and fans? 

Jeff Alessi. Go ahead, label him. He's heard it all. He's seen the forums and the social media. He's had his issues and paid the price for playing with laser pointers. 

Photo: Diffysmooth 

Are you done? Jeff Alessi is not. Taking all the good out of the bad, he is ready to prove himself. In fact, he plans on starting over right where it all started. 

"I'm someone that loves racing, no matter how much it's put me through, I'll always come back for more."

Being banned for all of 2014 was something mentally tough on Jeff. "People try to bash you, when they don't know who that real person is." This time gave him a chance to regroup and take his racing in a new direction. Jeff spent a lot of time training racers and sharing his knowledge. The 26 year old from Moorpark, California is now staying in Indiana with his friend Jacob and focusing on 2015. "His dad is keeping the bike together for me, since I'm not the best mechanic."

Photo: Diffysmooth 

Plans for the summer hope to take Jeff to a very familiar place. His first goals on a comeback are Loretta Lynn's titles in the 25 plus and Open Pro classes. Jeff's younger brother, Mike shares the record for most titles at that race with 11. Jeff feels he at least needs one. His last year as amateur, Jeff actually won all 3 of his motos at Loretta's, but an air filter modification took away that championship. 

Turning pro at 16 years old, Jeff saw flashes of success at the highest level of the sport. In 2008 he'd finish 8th in points for the 450 nationals and back that up in 2009 with a 7th overall in the supercross standings. Unadilla 2009 he led over half of Moto 1. Proof that he had the speed to race among the best.

His suspension is up. He is mentally tough, healthy and feels like he has something to prove to himself. If all goes as planned we may see him behind the gate of an outdoor national this summer as well. "My two favorite tracks, Red Bud and Millville are on my list of goals." 

Jeff says when ready, he looks forward to a return to supercross. "I live to jump." He feels like he has main event speed, but needs to do more than just make mains to achieve his goals.

"The best racer is the one that's able to make it to the races, I need to be there." Helping him get there is Motoconcepts, EVS, JT, Alpinestars, and Dunlop. Grateful for every rider who uses his training, Jacob White, Chris White and  Nick Hobbs, he doesn't want to let anyone down.

Jeff Alessi has his head on strait. He is ready to earn back trust, respect and fans. Being very influenced by his brothers success, Jeff has more in the tank.

Follow Jeff on Instagram @jeffalessi801 for updates and info on his training.

Welcome back 801.

-Kyle Pesci


  1. Playing with a laser? Its called cheating and cheaters are loser scumbags that should be banned for life. Once a cheater always a cheater. No character, untrustworthy POS!

    1. I agree that it was completely uncalled for. Cheating, I don't think so. Kids make mistakes. We forget that a lot of racers are young and just having fun. People do things without thinking of the consequences all the time. You have to learn from those mistakes though or I again agree that strict punishments should be demanded. Thanks for reading and your input. This is why I write!

  2. Yea, he's a dishonest cheater who tried to injure a competitor but he comes by it naturally. genetics are a bitch.