Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dream Chaser...David Pulley

What is running through a kids head in a moment? A stadium floor covered in dirt. Fans screaming, cotton candy and his favorite racers tee shirt. As they look down at a supercross track, every rider is a pro, a hero or superstar. You might not even know the name of the rider when your kid looks up, dad who is number 608?

The answer to that question is David Pulley. A 22 year old kid from Corona, California who is living his dream. "By the looks from the outside, it looks like we are all on factory teams." That is a goal of David's, but for now he is loving what he does. Feeling like privateers are what really makes the show and knowing that all those guys have the ambition to get to that next level helps drive him to achieving his goals. "The kids don't care if your a factory rider or a privateer and they look up to all of us." "It's an awesome feeling riding by, giving kids high fives and seeing how stoked they are."

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Like most racers, David grew up around racing, but it wasn't motocross. His dad was a Factory Yamaha jet ski racer who at one time was ranked 8th in the world. David's dad would step away from his sport to help his son achieve a dream of racing himself. It's backing like that in which David credits his success in the sport. "My whole family is a huge key to my program." From his parents, grandparents, sisters Cristol and Cynthia along with little brother Derek, he has 100% support.

David definitely has a supercross style. He loves jumping and did some Arenacross as a kid. "I really feel like I shine when the track is more technical." He will be working on his outdoor speed and plans on racing some nationals.

Travel, race fees, flights, bike transportation and hotels all add up. "If I just break even with my paycheck from the race, that's a win!" All these things also cut in to ride time. A busy schedule equals less practice. During the east coast rounds David rides for the HRT Yamaha team. Todd Hansen and Tim Slayton have been a big part in budgeting for David. He travels to the races in the team semi and trains during stops. "Luckily we have a C2 Rower in the semi, so I'd put in hours on that thing." David also received a helping hand this season from Teddy Parks of TPJ (The Privateer Journey) and mechanic Easton England who helped after a big practice crash and worked to get David in to the night show.

Photo: Diffysmooth 

Backed by DMP Motorsports, Just 1 Helmets, LipZipz No Loss Lip Balm, Race Tech, Moose, Parts Unlimited, DASA, ODI, DP Brakes, Dirt tricks, Motographix, All Balls, Bill's Pipes, Motul, Vertex, Hot Cams, American Kargo, Saddleman, Zapata Racing, BRL Sports and Drivers Choice Insurance Agency.

David may be found at the track hanging with Vicki Golden, Frankie Garcia, Alan Hess, Matt Hanson or Killy Rusk. If he's not at the track, he is probably near the water. Wake boarding, hanging out at the beach or on his Zapata Racing Fly Board set up. You've got to check out this Fly Board thing! 

At the end of the day David Pulley is a normal guy, just like you, but getting paid to race a dirt bike. "For me to come this far and accomplish this much already means the world to me."

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-Kyle Pesci 

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