Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Daily Grind...Kyle White.

We look at factory teams and see a lot going on. It's normal on a race day to see the rider accompanied by a mechanic and team manager. Behind the scenes that same rider may have a practice bike mechanic, a trainer, gear guy, goggle guy, truck driver and even a cook. 

Kyle White is a guy who has taken on all those roles. On race day he is not only trying to put his number 291 in the night show, but with the help of his brother Brian, he also runs the K1 Speed/BWR Engines/SSi Decals team. Unlike those who fly in to every race, Kyle has stayed in his rig the entire season. Calling themselves the "livers" he is joined by his brother and team mechanic Swoop. 

Photo: Diffysmooth 

At just 24 years old, Kyle looks forward to a future in the sport and with his team. He admits to the stresses of team owner, "it's way to much for my plate right now, but it's setting up my future for when my body can no longer deliver on the track."

Multiple personalities? Maybe. Race day Kyle is very focused and takes everything serious. Driving to the races he describes himself as a total goof. "Singing and dancing to whatever comes on the radio." Preseason he says he is stressed and under pressure of the grueling preparation that goes in to supercross. All in all, Kyle White is very humble and headstrong.

Coming from Arenacross has given him a love for the whoops. Looking to take that confidence to the larger rhythm sections of supercross, Kyle is ready to let loose and flow as he looks for his first 450 main. "I need to ride off my instincts rather than my thoughts." 

After struggling early in 2015, he'd just miss the main in Detroit and is heading in to Houston eager for that main event. Houston, Texas was were Kyle raced his first supercross. "The dirt is so good. I can't wait for Houston!"

Photo: Diffysmooth 

Having the team has added a support system for not only Kyle, but all of his riders. A pit area and other racers input can really help ones program. A program made possible by some great sponsors. K1 Speed, BWR Engines, SSi Decals, Freeport Honda Kawasaki, Rekluse Motorsports, Fly Racing, Arai Helmets, Performance Electronics, TuBliss, Works Connection, No-Toil, MotoSeat, Evans Waterless Coolant, Protenza Fitness, Yoshimura, Fischer Excavating, RK, Excel, 520 Machinery Sale, Leatt  Brace, Race Tech Suspension and EVS Sports. 

"It takes a solid support system to carry an athlete through the bad times, and I've got the best people in my corner to do just that!"

Root for the 291. Follow Kyle on Instagram @kwhite291 

Kyle...pull the trigger this weekend. 

-Kyle Pesci 

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