Monday, March 30, 2015

Raw...Bryce Stewart.

Talent, speed, strength and raw skill. All things that may be said when describing a professional motocross racer. 

Huntington Beach, California's Bryce Stewart considers himself to be just a human being, racing dirt bikes in stadiums on the weekends. "I like all the supercross venues. It's fun racing on new tracks every weekend."

Photo: Michael Flavell

Stewart is a guy that since the age of 4 years old, has had flow on a motorcycle. He's smooth, stylish and fast as shit. The 21 year old is now in his 2nd year as a pro and has proven to be a main event guy.  He works hard on his consistency and feels that he can be a top 15 guy on a regular basis.

Refusing to admit to any weak points, Bryce is more about learning from week to week and minimizing his mistakes. He believes in himself and is willing to struggle every week to ride, race and accomplish his goals. 

Racing the number 240 machine wouldn't be possible without a great group of people behind Bryce. Rick and Ted Barrett have been behind him since he was 16 years old. Very grateful for their help, he also thanks Tim Cagle Drywall, High Point Engineering, Bell Helmets, Dragon, Troy Lee Designs, Split Designs Co., ODI, Sunstar, Works Connection, Cycra, Rekluse Clutches, Enzo, ICW and Ride Engineering. "All my sponsors are very crucial to my racing." Bryce also gives credit to Chulo, Max, Brandon Haas, his girlfriend and his mechanic Eric.

Photo: KCMX

"Nothing comes easy." Bryce Stewart knows that. He loves the fans, the atmosphere and says "motocross is awesome." Cheer for the 240. He's out there having fun!

Follow Bryce on Instagram @bryce.stewart

-Kyle Pesci

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