Thursday, March 26, 2015

Don't give up...Beni Williams part 2.

Beni Williams loves being an underdog. He loves the privateer life, racing for the fans and representing the locals of Utah. 

I did an article on Beni about a month ago. His struggles with pain killers, his climb to being sober and supercross night shows. This kid has raw talent. 

While the west coast 250 class is on break, Beni has been putting in the work to go from night shows, to main events. 

After a day of riding at Pala Raceway in California, Beni's van was stolen from his apartments. His entire program had been taken. Practice bike, race bike, helmets, gear, ipad, everything down to dirty clothes.

Stolen Bike.

The van was later found empty on the side of The Romona Expressway, but now what? Privateers struggle to get from race to race when they have everything in order. Beni now had nothing.

Stolen Bike.

With the help of his parents and knowing that sponsor Dasa Racing could help with engines, Beni got a Yamaha from Nick at Lets Ride in Rupert, Idaho.

Along with some great sponsors and Beni's pure determination to not let down the people who support him. He will be at Houston when the west coast championship picks back up. 

Beni has made every night show so far this season, besides sitting out one round with an injury. He wants more. He is hungry for mains. He feels his speed is there and feels that every man in the night show has just as good a chance. He says he needs "a good start, on the right night." Beni respects every pro the same and just loves being able to do what he does.

Please root for the 192 machine. He thrives on your motivation. 

If you know anything about the stolen bikes, see any parts or want to help Beni, you can email him

Beni, you are capable of main events. You got this dude. 

-Kyle Pesci

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