Monday, February 2, 2015

You hate the wrong guy.

The number 800. One of the most decorated amateur racers of all time. A race winner. The holeshot king. A guy that is in the main events nearly every week. 

...but yet, you probably don't like him.

This is a guy who turned pro at 16, was on top of the world and wanted you to "believe the hype."

Do you forget that it was that 16 year old kid, who still to this day considers his second race ever as a pro his biggest achievement. It was 2004 at Steel City where he finished third behind Ricky Carmichael and Kevin Windham. 

This kid has busted his ass since then and has been close to being a champion. He is a man now. Married and making it work as a professional Motocrosser for 12 years.

Mike is doing it his way. Doing what works for him. He gives a lot of credit to Mike Genova and the program at the Smartop Motoconcepts team. 

Mike's team manager also takes a lot of shit from the public. Have you ever stopped to think that in this situation it's just a dad looking out for his son. Do you honestly think that at all times Tony doesn't want what is best for Mike? 

We all saw Mike cry on national television after his first heat race win. You probably laughed. Now think of devoting your life to something and putting in work day in and day out to achieve a goal. I think it's pretty cool that the world got to see raw emotion. To see hard work pay off on front of thousands of people. 

"Even winning a heat race is a big deal to me. It shows my dedication and commitment." 

"There are a lot of pros that can go their whole career and say that they have never won a heat race and for me to finally do it was a big deal to me and my team."

You see, you hate a guy you don't even know. You don't like the few things that have gotten him in trouble, which he admits were stupid. Maybe it's how the media still portrays him as the 16 year old kid with a bullseye on his back. Is it just because he was a winning amateur and hasn't won a professional championship? 

Mike Alessi is a humble guy. He's quiet and likes to spend time with his family and close friends. His favorite food is his wife Danielle's smoked BBQ chicken. He loves country music. His favorite athlete is Peyton Manning. 

Mike Alessi is a normal guy. He sacrifices his life on a daily basis to entertain you. 

Cut the guy some slack.

He was on the cover of the first ever magazine I had published work in. The Alessi family has always been good to me. They may be vocal, but they are good people. 

Photo by: Jim McMillan