Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thinking out loud...Equal?

Something I've never been able to understand about supercross and motocross racing. Isn't the guy in 40th a professional as well? Didn't he earn his pro license the same way and come through the ranks spending hard earned money at some point of his racing career? And wether the teams are helping or not, didn't he pay the same signup, license, registration fees?

Now I know you have to market a core group of guys and hype the sport up on the big names. I get it. 

I'd really like to see a few things in professional racing. 

First, my idea for supercross. Wouldn't it be cool if every rider in the night show got their 5 seconds of fame? An extra 10 minutes of time could be added to opening ceremonies and each rider could be announced in to the stadium. Just a quick "from Michigan...Nico Izzi." Under the spotlight, just a quick run down in order of qualifying. 

This would be great, especially for any privateer or hometown rider to get a little recognition in front of the large crowds...It may be the only time they get mentioned all night, but they deserve it. For that one night they are among the 40 fastest supercross riders in the world. 

Now to motocross. I'm personally not a fan of the timed qualifying. I think if it's going to be timed, then it should at least be an average of the riders best 3 laps. The guys who make it to the pro level have amazing speed, but the consistency of a few laps would, in my own opinion, give you the fastest racers, rather than someone who got either a clear track or can sprint a lap or 2, but maybe doesn't have as much stamina. You've got to remember that a pro moto is 30 minutes plus two laps, not the local 4 lap "A" class race.

Then there is the segregation. Which goes back to my opening statement. Hasn't every rider with a professional license earned the right to be treated equal? 

Since there is timed qualifying, what if the riders in each segment of practice were randomly generated? This gives segment A the chance to have Ken Roczen and segment B to have Ryan Dungey. Now racers would be given a chance to watch their competitors live and learn from other top racers. This would also give the privateer, who would normally have been in segment B a chance to be mixed in with top guys and possibly latch on to a faster rider to learn and put down a fast lap. 

So what's your take? Segregate the privateers? Give them their 5 seconds of fame? 

Remember this is just me thinking out loud.

-Kyle Pesci 

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