Friday, February 13, 2015

Pickup truck program...Earl "James" Roberts

Some racers just really fit the true definition of privateer. You know, they work full time and save every penny to go race on the weekends. Normally the bike in the back of the truck is worth twice as much as the truck itself. 

Earl "James" Roberts is that dude. I've been lucky enough to call him a buddy for a long time now and he is one of the original guys to ever run my "KC" logo. 

Three F's describe this kid. Focused. Fast. Funny. 

A 2002 Chevy Silverado with the number 165 in the back is how you'll spot James at the track. A simple program that he makes work. He is an interior and exterior painter during the week and funds his own program with the help of his dad. 

Pennies saved are put in the training fund and James heads south to GPF (Georgia Practice Facility) for the months of February and March. His hard work paid of when he turned pro in 2013. James attempted to qualify at two rounds, succeeding at both. Southwick he transferred from the consolation race and went on to a 28th overall in the lites class. Then Red Bud, in front of his hometown friends and family, he got in on time.

When I ask many of the pros what privateer means to them, they describe James, without saying his name. James is the definition.

In 2015 he will move up to the 450 class on what he calls a "race bike, trail bike, freestyle bike, enduro bike, practice bike all wrapped in to one bike" that he plans on being his national bike.

He says if he could get a little help for the outdoor season he'd "be happier than an obese kid with a factory ride from Hostess."

James does have some great people in his corner though and gives most credit to his dad along with sponsors TCD, JR1 Transport, Straitshot Filters, Shoei Helmets, TLR Performance, Derek Parsons, MX Donations, Illusive Gloves, Alias, Motoseat, Oakley, Sunstar, M10 Designs, GPF, Jim Fox, 139 Designs Killer Customz and his brother in law David.

Keep an eye open for this privateer.

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-Kyle Pesci
Photos: Jim McMillan

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