Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Landon's Hero...Kyle Partridge.

The 199 is a familiar number to most moto fans. A number with with a lot of meaning, love and dedication to the sport. What you might not know is that this year, rider Kyle Partridge is running that number 199 in honor of Brett Klein who passed away in 2007 and was a dear friend of the entire Partridge family. 

Photo: Will Topete

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Kyle has been moto his entire life, with multiple top finishes in the amateur ranks. His move to the pros nearly 9 years ago has been a journey of highs and lows in the sport he loves. It comes as no surprise that the tall and smooth rider prefers to be on a supercross track and gets a little more pumped up when the series comes home to Vegas.

The pressure of racing in stadiums might be what makes or breaks some riders. We've seen many up and comers crack under the lights of supercross and we have seen some riders who really find their own in the sport where technical style plays a huge roll. Kyle has proven his speed at this level with a career best finish of 6th. Although this year his struggles with starts have him with a season high of a 16th.

He says the best part of his situation this year is "the pressure only coming from within." Kyle really only has one person to impress at the end of the day and he works very hard at impressing that guy every day. Landon is his 5 year old son and what matters most to Kyle. Landon loves being at the tracks, sitting on dad's bike and throwing up the horns! Kyle is a family man and enjoys the fact that family is what has brought him so far in a sport he has loved since he was his own sons age. 

Pitted out of the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC rig this season, Kyle is very grateful for the help he has received from Shawn Hall. "Without him, me racing wouldn't even be happening." Shawn's son Bracken is also a friend and teammate of Kyle. 

Many other people support his program and Kyle is very thankful for all of his sponsors: Rocky Mountain Atv Mc, D.S.I, Ron Feather, One Industries, Tag Metals, Proven Moto, Pro Circuit, Works Connection, Dubya USA, Galfer USA, Asterisk, Spy Goggles, Jerry Williams, Icon Sports, Rekluse Motorsports, Acerbis, Motion Pro, Motoseat, Rude Engineering, Dunlop, Stratus Wear and VP Fuels.

If you see the 199 this season, cheer loud, say hi and remember he really does it for the love of the sport.

-Kyle Pesci

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