Monday, February 9, 2015

Fast Cat...AJ Catanzaro.

As the 250 west racers take a break in their series, one rider who has been racing the 450 class is just getting warmed up. 

Photo by: Travis Fant/
Motocross Action Magazine

AJ Catanzaro is a familiar name in our sport. He has been using the west rounds to race the bigger bike in preparation of his 250 east coast championship run. "I think all this time on the 450 will help me  be able to ride more aggressively on the 250."

Jeff at JMR Racing out of New Jersey has really stepped up to give AJ all he needs for the 2015 season. 

AJ has been racing pro for 5 years now and has showed his speed with a couple top 5 finishes in the 250 class. He says his 4th at Indianapolis in 2013 was his biggest accomplishment. "That was a moment I'll never forget."

Admitting that getting backing in this sport is very tough and other than 2012 on the LWR KTM Team, he works hard on obtaining his sponsorships. 

He acknowledges that he is one of the more elite and well  known privateers but credits the guys showing up in their vans as what this sport is all about. "They're the backbone of this sport really."

AJ also has some cool things going with some sponsors. Amped Apparel has supported him since the beginning and has a line of Catanzaro fan wear available at CMS Artworx is AJ's helmet painter and they took to social media to design his 2015 helmet. It was a good way to get involved with the fans and he looks forward to doing more in the future. 

AJ really enjoys the interaction with the fans on social media and you can follow him on Instagram @ajcatanzaro.

Smooth and fast is his style and maybe it came from watching the rider he looks up to, Kevin Windham or maybe it's the hours he puts in at Club MX Training Facility. Either way AJ Catanzaro should be a strong force on the east.

Keep an eye out for the 64.

-Kyle Pesci

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