Friday, February 20, 2015

Addicted to racing...Beni Williams.

Arenacross is a place for young racers to prove themselves to the world. It is as close as it gets to the big show. Packed stadiums, autograph signings, cut throat racing, and sometimes as close as a racer will ever get to Supercross. 

Utah's Beni Williams turned to Arenacross after a fairly successful amateur career. Beni was a top guy at races like Ponca City and Lake Whitney. With a little bit of help from Suzuki and local shops, he would go to California to train with Jake Weimer. After winning his heat race at Lake Whitney in 2006, frustration kicked in after a crash in the main. While driving home with his dad, they decided it was time to go pro.

Turning to Arenacross and finding himself as a racer, Beni Williams was crowned the 2007 Arenacross Lites West Coast Champion. It would not come with out consequence. The same race where he would clinch, would also change his career for the worse. 

Dealing with a broken leg and destroyed knee took a toll on Williams. He rehabbed quickly, just to battle the pain and difficulties of his injuries and surgeries. He tried to come back strong in 2010, but pain pills were now the key ingredient to his training program. Out of the moto scene and dependent on the pills Williams' program fell apart. 

Back in Utah, the light clicked and he got clean, got a bike and turned life around. In 2012 Beni Williams was back! Dangerous, because he only had something to prove to himself.

With the help of Shawn Hall, it was back to Arenacross. Now known as the Road to Supercross, Williams knew his path. He'd earn his pro license and show up at the last 3 Supercross rounds of 2014. He'd make the night show at all 3 rounds. 

Fast forward to 2015 and the 192 machine has been in the night show at every west round except Phoenix, where Beni would sit out with a concussion. He is looking for those main events, but says he is just needing that one breakout ride to give him the confidence.

Photo: Will Topete

"Do it for the love" is a quote that guides Beni now. He wants to be a regular in the pits and approachable by all fans. I met Beni through my buddy Justin at Illusive Gloves, who is a huge supporter of Beni's program. He told me what a solid kid he was and knew he'd be down for this blog. That was an understatement. Beni Williams is the heart of privateer motocross. Just a dude in a van, making night shows to go race again the next weekend. 

If you see the 192, cheer louder. He hears you. He appreciates you.

Follow Beni on IG: @bwilliams192

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Beni wanted to give a huge thanks to Lori and Steve at Web Cam. Also to Mike at MB1 Suspension for really stepping up. 

Thanks to all sponsors: Web Cam, Dasa, Coldcock Whiskey, DJ Design Co., Illusive Gloves, Fly Racing, WPS, Krew Powersports, Rekluse, Tokyo Mods, FMF, Rockwell, MB1, Murrieta MX, Vortex, Warp 9, Rhino Linings Plus,, Mom, Dad, Rudi, Grandma and Grandpa.

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