Friday, January 30, 2015

Privateers Only

So I've been away from this blog spot since I created it. I wasn't disowning it, but looking for a direction. I've found it. Privateers.  What about the guys who worked their whole lives to achieve a goal in motocross. Turn pro and race with the "big guys", but aren't you one of the "big guys" now? You raced locally and everyone looked up to you.  You went to Loretta's and got top ten finishes so all the amateur sites and magazines wanted to post pics of you and do interviews about how you kill it and when are you turning pro? So you turn pro and scrape up some cash so you and dad can drive 14 hours to a Pro National.  You go out in the B segment of timed practice while a lot of fans go in the pits looking for Chad Reed's autograph. You put down some solid laps and timing puts you 32nd fastest. Your in the big show! Now in the motos you go 28-27 for 29th overall. Life long goal accomplished. On TV they talk about what Ryan Dungey had for breakfast and then show 20 minutes of James Stewart riding around in first. They show a highlight of Jeremy Martin's crash and talk to the podium. The new Magazine comes out talking about Jake Weimer's struggles and has Davi Millsaps on the cover.

Now I like all the guys listed in this article and have a crazy respect for this sport, but didn't the privateer work just as hard to get to this point in his career? You hold the same pro license as Ken Roczen. You were on the same gate as him at a professional event, but to the public you were only hyped up as a lapper, not in the race who needs to know what the blue cross means.

Time for privateers to have a place to get a little recognition.

This is the spot.

Killer Customz MX.

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  1. Bring it on Kyle. I expect some insightful commentary from someone with your knowledge and experience. Don't rehash the same-ol-same-ol though, tell it like you know it.