Saturday, January 31, 2015

Todd Krieg

2014 is a year that Todd Krieg considered one of his best. He qualified 5th overall for the Crawfordsville, Indiana Ironman National in the 450 class, where he went on to finish a career best 17th. Todd grew up in Ohio. He started racing in 1999 and soon took his racing across northeastern United States and qualified for Loretta Lynn's 4 times. He was the little kid in the KTM catalogs. I've personally known Toddy for a long time  and it was no surprise when he took his talent professionally in 2012.

"As awesome as the sport is, the athletes are under appreciated and under paid. These guys risk their lives for the entertainment of millions and they barely make enough to sign up for the next race."

This quote took a serious meaning to the Krieg family in October of 2014.

October 23, 2014 I saw a "get well soon" post of Todd's Facebook. I didn't think to much of it, I knew he had been riding a little around home to get ready for the supercross season. Another post on Facebook was followed by a few more.

A little concerned, I messaged Todd's dad.

Me:  "Todd, just got word on Todd, Hope all is well and please know that the entire Pesci family is in your corner. Thinking of all you tonight."

Todd: "No words bro"

Me: He ok?

Todd: "No, He's hurt bad."

Me: "Damn it"

That last quote of mine, "Damn it" That's still how I feel. One of the nicest kids, a friend and one hard worker. His best year on the bike and what he loved just changed his life forever. Now I think everything happens for a reason and the motocross community has circled around the Krieg family more than imaginable.Todd's head is high. He is still funny as hell and smiles every day.

I asked Toddy, What next?
"I plan on instructing and training riders, helping local riders transition in to the pro series."

He wants to be eventually manage a professional team.

Todd Krieg. You are a bad ass. You are motocross. You are a privateer.

Thank you buddy.

Todd thanks his sponsors: KTM, Dot Drilling, GPS, Fly Racing, FMF, Novik Gloves, EVS, 100%, Rekluse, RAD Manufacturing, ICW, Motoseat, AGV Helmets and of course his Mom and Dad.

Todd does have a account.
Follow Todd on Instagram and Twitter @toddkrieg531



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