Friday, December 26, 2014

Killer Customz MX blog number one.

Planning on doing a motocross and life blog. My name is Kyle Pesci and I am a family man. Married with 2 boys. I went to Oakland University for journalism. I've worked for  some Moto magazines And had the opportunity to freelance with  Nitro Circus, Nuclear Cowboyz, some FELD events  as well as working with I got my start with MxRider Magazine. My close friend, Josh Lichtle  was who I hung out with as a kid while my brother, Jarett  Pesci was racing. I always had a camera, so Josh introduced me to Lee Radder and that's where the Moto Journalism started.  I've had some push from my wife to start blogging, so I figured what better way to voice my opinion. I plan to use this for my opinions and to only be taken as me talking out of my ass. Some of it will make sense and some will make none at all.  It should be fun either way. Hope you will enjoy.!

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