Monday, March 12, 2018

The Others...Daytona and the Number 10.

The Supercross Series makes a traditional stop at an untraditional supercross track. Daytona International Speedway plays host to the only non FELD event of the season. 

Let’s jump right in to the number 10. This week would serve as Round 10 of the series. It’s been 10 years since a Honda topped the premier class. A non full factory guy hasn’t won in 10 years. On this night, March 10th, the number 10 would earn his 10th career podium. Only this time it was the top step! Congrats Justin Brayton.

Enough said. | Photo: Shoei Helmets

Heat races got the night going. Zach Osborne came out with a dominant win ahead of his Rockstar Husqvarna teammate, Michael Mosiman. Zach was over 3 seconds per lap faster than the rest of the field. TLD KTM rider, Jordan Smith took Heat 2. In the 450 class it’d be Smartop Honda backed Justin Brayton with the first Heat win. Christian Craig is filling in on the Factory Honda squad and proved his worth with a Heat 2 win.

The Main Events were brutal and in typical Daytona fashion, would not disappoint with quality racing. The 450 class went 18 laps, while the 250’s went 14. Both Main Event winners, won their Heat Race. Jordan Smith got out front of the 250 class from the start and never looked back. He’d lead every lap with Jeremy Martin and Austin Forkner respectively in tow. Justin Brayton started ahead of the 450 class and would just momentarily lose the lead to Marvin Musquin. A mistake would hand the lead back to the number 10 who’d click off the remaining laps with a very fast Eli Tomac coming. The Kawasaki of Tomac would just simply run out of time and finish second and watch Brayton score his first career win. Cooper Webb had his best finish of the season by scoring his first podium of 2018. 

Emotion of a privateer. A kid with raw talent and always a positive attitude. Logan Karnow. The number 471 Kawasaki rider isn’t afraid to show his feelings when it comes to this sport. He’s made a Main Event before, but never at Daytona. That dream came true this year and he’d be surrounded by friends jumping and giving high fives as tears filled his eyes just moments after crossing the finish line of the 250 LCQ. Be it on TV or in person, seeing the hard work of a privateer pay off even just once in a season makes all those missed attempts worth the struggle. He’d then go on to a career best 15th place finish. Hell yeah Karnow!!!

Logan Karnow in raw emotion. | Photo: Krystyn Slack | Freestyle Photocross

And now....The Others

  1. 151 Carter Gordon
  2. 332 Jeremy Hand
  3. 228 Donny Brown
  4. 179 Westen Wrozyna 
  5. 248 Travis Delnicki 
  6. 392 Michael Fowler
  7. 373 Jacob Williamson 
  8. 828 Mathew Weakley 
  9. 132 Broc Gourley 
  10. 96 Zack Williams 
  11. 795 Aaron Leininger
  12. 742 Christian Telker
  13. 172 Tanner Basso
  14. 155 Drayke Sizemore 
  15. 89 Jerry Robin 
  16. 214 Vann Martin 
  17. 740 Lane Staley
  18. 36 RJ Hampshire

  1. 100 Colton Facciotti
  2. 80 AJ Catanzaro 
  3. 84 Scott Champion
  4. 81 Chase Marquier 
  5. 86 Dylan Merriam 
  6. 211 Tevin Tapia
  7. 509 Alex Nagy 
  8. 282 Bubba Pauli 
  9. 722 Adam Enticknap 
  10. 68 Justin Starling 
  11. 122 Chris Howell 
  12. 78 Ronnie Stewart 
  13. 447 Deven Raper 
  14. 71 Josh Mosiman 
  15. 73 Brandon Scharer 
  16. 48 Henry Miller 
  17. 181 Dustin Pipes 
  18. 240 Bryce Stewart 

We want to send a "get well soon" to a few guys. Josh Osby, RJ Hampshire, Bryce Stewart and Jimmy Decotis were just a few of the guys to suffer some injuries this week.  Now off to St. Louis we go for Round 11.

-Kyle Pesci

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The Others...ATL Triple Crown.

As we get deeper in to this season of Monster Energy Supercross I’m getting closer and closer to the edge of my seat. As a fan, Round 9 in Atlanta, Georgia did not disappoint. The new Mercedes-Benz Stadium wasn’t too bad either.

The Triple Crown was back for the second time this season and for the first time, the 250 East Championship contenders would get their shot at the format. Six Main Events and we saw six different winners. It seems that this format is working when it comes to shaking things up! 

The Triple Crown means that day qualifying sets the field with 18 to go directly to the Main Events. Four more slots would be filled with a LCQ that took 4 or sent you packing while the sun was still up. Star Yamaha’s Dylan Ferrandis’ 53.384 topped the 250 class times. Marvin Musquin would put his RedBull KTM atop the 450 field with a 51.711. Nick Gaines took the 250 LCQ win on his Traders Racing Yamaha. JGR backed Weston Peick solidified his 450 spot with his LCQ win.

Do these 250 guys want it or what? It seems like the East Coast contenders have a win or die trying attitude. The result sheets were scattered and it’d be the 4-2-3 scores of Pro Circuit’s Austin Forkner taking the overall. Each of the 3 Main winners would find themselves off the podium at some point of the night.

Jason Anderson seems to have one thing on his mind this year. Championship. His poise has watched him creep to a 42 point lead. 2-1-4 Mains would secure the overall. Most impressive main came early in my books with Smartop/Bullfrog Spa’s Justin Brayton taking the W in Main 1. JB looked good and earned the win with a charging pack behind him. 

Some privateer flash came from the boys over at the Club MX/RSR/Redemption Racing rig. Both of their guys, Josh Osby and Zack Williams would make the mains. Osby would have the best effort with a 16th in Main 3. 

Rider: Josh Osby | Photo: Kyle Pesci

And now...The Others

  1. 570 Cody VanBuskirk 
  2. 986 Lane Shaw 
  3. 172 Tanner Basso
  4. 85 Josh Cartwright 
  5. 471 Logan Karnow 
  6. 155 Drayke Sizemore 
  7. 725 Richard Jackson 
  8. 248 Travis Delnicki 
  9. 228 Donny Brown
  10. 401 Samual Redman 
  11. 89 Jerry Robin 
  12. 57 John Short
  13. 222 Ramyller Alves 
  14. 581 Kyle Bitterman
  15. 828 Mathew Weakley 
  16. 171 Yannis Irsuti
  17. 214 Vann Martin 
  18. 169 Challen Tennant

  1. 53 Bradley Taft 
  2. 48 Henry Miller 
  3. 211 Tevin Tapia
  4. 73 Brandon Scharer 
  5. 383 Casey Brennan 
  6. 71 Josh Mosiman 
  7. 509 Alex Nagy 
  8. 282 Bubba Pauli 
  9. 86 Dylan Merriam 
  10. 90 Dakota Tedder 
  11. 805 Carlen Gardner 
  12. 740 Lane Staley
  13. 122 Chris Howell 
  14. 240 Bryce Stewart 
  15. 501 Scotty Wennerstrom 
  16. 722 Adam Enticknap 
  17. 84 Scott Champion 
  18. 68 Justin Starling 

On to Daytona. It’ll be back to the standard format but this stop on the circuit is far from just a standard supercross.

-Kyle Pesci

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The Others...Tampa

It’s been since 1999 and the wait came to an end when Monster Energy Supercross made its return to Tampa, Florida for Round 8 of the championship fight. Life’s a beach and the sand was inside Raymond James Stadium.

Photo: Kyle Pesci
 The sand section just before the finish line was gnarly. It looked to have a hard base, but it never got there. It was deep, long and changed by the second. It was a section to show that even the sports elite are human. A lap with a great run through the sand would be followed up by one that was pure struggle. I think every rider either crashed or came to a complete stop at some point of the day in that section. That being said, privateer Ramyller Alves may have been the fastest through the sand this week. He also may have been laying in the sand more than anyone.
Even with the sand, qualifying times were quick. Star Yamaha’s Dylan Ferrandis clicked off a 49.402 to top the 250 class. The only rider to dip in to the 48 second range was Kawasaki’s Eli Tomac. His 48.916 was the best of the 450 class.

JGR Suzuki moved the defending 250 West Champion, Justin Hill up to the 450 class this week and a Heat 1 win would show he means buisness no matter the bike size. Husqvarna’s Jason Anderson took the W in Heat 2. Anderson’s teammate, Zach Osborne would take 250 Heat 1 and fellow class veteran, Martin Davalos took Heat 2. 

Chad Reed was the talk of the night as he went for a record breaking 228 career Main Event starts in the premier class. He’d have to go through the LCQ to get there but 228 would happen in Tampa with the LCQ win. Reed is about as privateer as he’s ever been and it was pretty damn cool to hear the crowd as he took the LCQ win. It’s amazing how many haters the 22 has seemed to have this season. Didn’t seem like anyone was disappointed tonight!

For the first time in his career, Austin Forkner would take the checkers in a 250 Main Event. Dylan Ferrandis joined the podium in 2nd with the champ, Zach Osborne in 3rd. In the 450 class Eli Tomac and Marvin Musquin put on a battle for the win. Tomac lead early but would then chase the 25 of Musquin for nearly 14 laps before making a pass stick for the win. Jason Anderson worked from a start outside the top 5 to the final podium spot.

Luke Renzland has been impressive. The Traders Racing number 38 would get a good jump out of the gate and hold his ground for the 20 lap Main Event. He’d cross the line 7th. This makes it 2 for 2 on the season with top 10 finishes.

Rider: Luke Renzland | Photo: Kyle Pesci
Honda’s Cole Seely went down hard in his Heat Race. A quad though the rhythm section just before the sand could make up a ton of time. It could also bite you without warning. A red flag came out for the #14. Something we never want to see and something that a guy like Cole sure as hell doesn’t deserve. Get well soon CS⚡️14.

And now...The Others

  1. 114 Brandon Hartranft
  2. 96 Zack Williams 
  3. 725 Richard Jackson 
  4. 570 Cody VanBuskirk 
  5. 214 Vann Martin 
  6. 61 Heath Harrison
  7. 85 Josh Cartwright 
  8. 986 Lane Shaw 
  9. 82 Cody Williams 
  10. 471 Logan Karnow 
  11. 228 Donny Brown
  12. 171 Yannis Irsuti 
  13. 172 Tanner Basso
  14. 179 Westen Wrozyna 
  15. 222 Ramyller Alves 
  16. 261 Wilson Fleming
  17. 581 Kyle Bitterman 
  18. 309 Jeremy Smith

  1. 201 Cedric Soubeyras
  2. 722 Adam Enticknap 
  3. 211 Tevin Tapia
  4. 86 Dylan Merriam 
  5. 447 Deven Raper 
  6. 48 Henry Miller 
  7. 80 AJ Catanzaro 
  8. 78 Ronnie Stewart
  9. 383 Casey Brennan 
  10. 84 Scott Champion 
  11. 708 Joe Perron
  12. 509 Alex Nagy 
  13. 90 Dakota Tedder 
  14. 805 Carlen Gardner 
  15. 282 Bubba Pauli 
  16. 71 Josh Mosiman 
  17. 240 Bryce Stewart 
  18. 14 Cole Seely

On to Hot-Lanta! 

-Kyle Pesci 

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